Objective-C Quiz

Objective-C Quiz @ AppStore

Review your knowledge of the Objective-C Programming Language with this challenging quiz game and master your iOS development skills. 

You'll be presented with different Class names and have to guess the correct Properties or Methods. 


Artists And Bands

Remember all those funny names of artists, bands, comedians, or other famous screen or stage partners?

Play this entertaining quiz game and learn about the most memorable artists in variety. Let's see how many you can guess!


Cities Quiz

CITIES QUIZ 1.0 Available Now @ AppStore

Test your knowledge about the major cities of the world. This is a challenging Quiz Game where you have to guess the correct cities for a given country (or State). You can choose to play with the European Union countries, the United States of America, or even the countries of the whole wide World. Learn the most important city names and the countries they belong to, and enjoy this app!!


Acronyms Quiz

Available now @ AppStore

New iPhone & iPad App - Learn common-used acronyms (in English) and have fun with this entertaining quiz!!


Prime Shots

Get "Prime Shots" @ AppStore

Take a shot at Prime Numbers

This is a simple yet very engaging educational and brain-training game where you can put your Maths in action and explore the universe of numbers.  You got a set of five Prime Numbers which you can use as weapons to divide the multiple numbers that will appear on screen. Try to get rid of them all as efficiently as you can, or more numbers will appear.  Also:  - Shake to Reset game  - Set the difficulty Level  - Tweet your results


How It Goes

Get "How It Goes" @ AppStore

Remember that great song? Do you know how it goes?
This is a very entertaining quiz where you have to guess the lyrics of the most well-known pop songs.

### iOS 5 App for iPhone & iPad ###
### Play songs from your iPod along the game ###
### Tweet your favourite lyrics ###


They Say

Get "They Say" @ AppStore

Guess what they say... "They Say" (1.0) App already available.
Proverbs, sayings, popular phrases (in English, Spanish and Catalan).
A funny quiz to construct the correct phrases or be surprised with the unexpected random sayings.


All Years App

Get All Years App @ AppStore

It's all about years, memorable years.

This is a simple but surprisingly challenging and brain-twisting trivia game where you have to guess the dates of significant items. Given a set of six pop-culture icons (movies, celebrities, records or books), you have to match the pairs of the same year.

See how good you are in remembering all those years... Let's work out your memories and your knowledge!


Cohen And Dylan

Cohen & Dylan @ AppStore

Cohen & Dylan - A dinamycal comparative of Leonard Cohen and Bob dylan complete musical careers.

Cohen & Dylan are two major singer-songwriters and poets that have inspired many other artists during five decades of brilliant music achievements. It is interesting to compare their parallel paths and see how they intertwine.

Quiz Mode Option: See how good you know your way along the cobwebs of such majestic masterpieces...

This app is a complete overview of Bob Dylan and Leonard Cohen performing and recording careers, including the most significant Set Lists from historical concerts (more than a hundred are listed here) and all the Albums recorded. You can switch back and forth from Cohen to Dylan or viceversa at any time, and see the corresponding concerts/albums of that same epoque.

Additionally, if your iPod Library contains related songs, you can play them accordingly to the period you are displaying (the selected album, for example, or the touring year).



"StraitsMarks" (1.1) - Get it at the AppStore

A complete historical overview of Dire Straits / Mark Knopfler performing and recording career. You can play a Quiz and test your knowledge about the most significant Set Lists and Albums. Additionally, if your iPod Library contains DS/MK/NHB songs, you can play them just by shaking your device.



"iDream Teams" (1.2) - Get it at the AppStore

Celebrating the achievements of FCBarcelona through the historical line-ups and most memorable games during the Dream Teams era (1992-2012...).