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Catalonia is a small and great country, full of beauty and history, it is my country and I love it! This app is a perfect guide to know at a glance the most significant sights of Catalunya. It is also a very good aid to memorize all of the internal catalan regions (the 41 "counties", or "comarques", in which it is divided) and their capital cities. Any visitor or tourist should get it in order to learn the basic facts, and the catalan citizens as well could also use it as a good reminder.


- Map display of the territory
- Photo tour
- Hide or Reveal the 41 names of the counties and capitals
- Random or Guided selection of region



Twist Your Tweets  with this app... AnagraMix.
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For example:

Let's Twist Your Tweets With AnagraMix =>  ent  tiioarwaTwsst Let'i gT ruMYxWhsAe

ANAGRAMIX is a very simple and effective app for sending secret messages to your friends, or to anyone who can use this app to read them. It is not intended to be a high level security system, it's just for recreational purposes. Any text you input is scrambled in a certain way, and then it can be reassembled very straightforwardly. The maximum characters is set to 120 in order to fit easily in Twitter or SMS messages.


Press the MIX button in order to scramble text over and over again and then use the FIX button to reassemble it or for other Anagramixed text. You can Copy and Paste the text for using it in Twitter, Mail, Message etc.

Additional Function Gestures:

SWIPE: Swipe on text to mix (swipe right) or fix (swipe left) SHAKE: Shaking the device mixes the text randomly (this will result in between 1-10 mixes, so you'll have to guess the number of times it takes to fix it).



My new app is already released, check it out!!
A nice and simple way to learn all the United States and Capitals in a single screen...
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The iJorcx App
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- Photo Story
- Audio tracks
- CD Albums artwork
- Website direct access


Developing Apps in progress

Working on it... Soon releasing my first app