Cubiquity Puzzles

Cubiquity Puzzles @ AppStore

Cubiquity - Puzzle 3D Cubes

Over 30 different games with beautiful themes.

Move and rotate the cubes with easy gestures to arrange them and solve the brain challenging puzzles presented.

Use the following gestures:
Swipe Left, Right, Up or Down to Rotate Cube
Double-Tap to Rotate Face
Press-Hold to Move Cube


Dream Report

Dream Report @ AppStore

Keep track of your dreams - Easy recall your lucid dreaming with this dream journal and more


Sumarai - A brain trainer math game for all ages


Enigmatix App

Enigmatix - Puzzles & Riddles @ AppStore

You'll be presented with many different puzzles, which can vary from graphical jigsaws, symbolic representations or word riddles (among others...). 

The goal is to drag the pieces around and put them in the correct order with the minimum number of moves. 

Good luck and enjoy the game!