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Cohen & Dylan - A dinamycal comparative of Leonard Cohen and Bob dylan complete musical careers.

Cohen & Dylan are two major singer-songwriters and poets that have inspired many other artists during five decades of brilliant music achievements. It is interesting to compare their parallel paths and see how they intertwine.

Quiz Mode Option: See how good you know your way along the cobwebs of such majestic masterpieces...

This app is a complete overview of Bob Dylan and Leonard Cohen performing and recording careers, including the most significant Set Lists from historical concerts (more than a hundred are listed here) and all the Albums recorded. You can switch back and forth from Cohen to Dylan or viceversa at any time, and see the corresponding concerts/albums of that same epoque.

Additionally, if your iPod Library contains related songs, you can play them accordingly to the period you are displaying (the selected album, for example, or the touring year).

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