Gridwit 1.0

A challenging brain-trainer puzzle game to practice your mathematical and logical skills. Move pieces around in order to neutralize their values and solve the grid.

Four differen levels of difficulty: dice, decimal numbers, poker cards and alphabet letters.

Drag pieces together to form new ones with resulting values of their sum and their rest. In order to solve the grid, you should find out which value neutralizes the pieces, apart from zero. Anytime you shuffle, that value also changes. Make your most witty moves and see if you can clear all the board. As a hint, keep in mind this kind of calculation:

(x) & (y) => (x+y) & (x-y)

For example:
(5) & (1) => (6) & (4)
(6) & (2) => (1) & (4)
(5) & (5) => (4) & (0)

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